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Test group 9mm 124 FMJ BDX Bullet test group, witnessed target, free hand at ORPC.
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Canadian BDX Inc.

Box 187
Black Diamond, AB
T0L 0H0,

Phone # (403) 933-0000
Fax  # (403) 933-7705

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Skid of 9mm 124 FMJs

 Why use the rest, when you can shoot the BEST

Canadian BDX Inc. is a Canadian Corporation, registered to do business throughout Canada.  We are licensed by the Federal Government to Manufacture Ammunition Components.  We are a new Manufacture of some Ammunition components, mainly Full Metal Jacketed Pistol Bullets, and other products are in development.  We are located in The Greater Calgary, Alberta region.

We have now expanded, and are OEM  (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of New FMJ Bullet Production from raw metals right here in Canada.  This has been a very expensive, and enduring task, with a lot of expertise required to complete a quality product, in quantities that will serve all of Canada's needs.  True FMJ bullets, Made in Canada.   We have weekly production of over 150,000 component parts.  We also recycle, and re-condition used Brass casings back to SAAMI (small Arms Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute) specifications. 

We don't have a retail store, we limit any resale items to being bulk, prepaid, and arranged for meeting to pickup, and a minimum of $500.00.  preferences will be given to Stocking Dealers, Contracts, and long time customer loyalty.  New customers are urged to check with our distributors.

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CANADIAN BDX INC.  has the following Trade names, Trademarks, Patents applied for, as well as authorized distributors of:

-  BDX Bullets   Swaged Match lead
-  Canadian BDX Bullets
-  BDX Gold Leaf Bullets,
-  Canadian BDX Inc. bullet logo
-   Priming Compound Paten for Primers (future project)

Products we handle, related to our field of expertise:
-  Bulk Tumbling media, and addititves,
-  Swaged lead bullets, or other non-ferris parts as in cable seals,
-  Solid Non-tox bullets under development, in pistol and some rifle, as well as .224 JHP bullet in the works.
We buy Used Brass casings, and pay the market price.

(As a shooter,I maintained a Grand Master shooting Classification for almost 20 years, and still shoot High Master scores, when I have time to go and compete,  I tell you this, as I know what it takes to make a gun shoot, to be a good shooter, and that's a good bullet ,  and I know what it takes to make a good bullet.   I was introduced to handloading at the age of 11, with a turret reloader, and a .303 rifle and a father who was building wildcats and working with Speer Labs chronographing long range guns.  So,  I usually don't tell the world my ability, but I beleive I have the respect of the PPC/CPCA, (former ACPA 1490, and NRA) 1480's shooters (1500 possible), so to say,  I'm up there, and hold several Canadian Records, and many Provincial and State Championships with Grand Aggregate resluts.   I didn't get good shooting OK, bullets, I got there shooting the best bullet available, now we are producing the Best Bullets in CANADA! and I stand by my word!   I'm fussy, anal at times, but I know what it takes to make a good bullet, and I give this experience and skill back to you, the Canadian market, made by Canadians. 

I thank you for your ongoing support, and those who beleived in what I have been working on for years,  it's finally come to life will full production capabilities and we're expanding more!)   I also thank all our past customers for without them, we wouldn't be here today.

Bulk .40 180 FMJ  Bulk .40 180 FMJ 9mm 124 FMJ, our specialty
 .40-180 FMJ  .38/.358 - 148 HBWC Swaged Match DiamondcoteMatch Grade Gold Leaf .45 bullet  

Visa Mastercard accepted  

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Email Money Transfer, Direct Deposit

To order,  for Ammo, we need PAL #, Name, Address,  prefered by EMAIL,  phone, but not always able to answer,  Hope to have order page up soon, along with a few new products, .38 Jacketed bullet.


   CAUTION,  Exposure to Lead can be Hazardous to your health,  Youth's and pregnant women, are more susceptible to health hazards so extra caution must be utilized.   Limited use on Indoor Facility is recommended, good hygiene, Lead Free Ammunition, etc. are some ways to safeguard from excessive exposure.  Most firearms shooting has some form of Lead Hazard, and the user is urged to make himself/herself familiar with safe guidelines. Both Primers and Bullets contain lead.                           Go to lead Hazard Link for more information.